Thursday, June 12, 2014

New and Useful Features

We're constantly working to use your suggestions to better the system. Below, we'll briefly look at three new features aimed at streamlining your day to day activities.

1) Jump to an Order from any page

You've probably used the Jump to Order box on the Dashboard before to quickly access an RQ or shipment. Now, that box is also located in the black bar at the bottom of every page, so you can type in any RQ, PO, shipment, sales order, quote, RMA, sales order, and job from any page and jump right to it.

2) Email Creator's

If you've ever wondered who's handling your RQ, or for the tracking number for a shipment, or anything else related to an order, there's now an easy way to get answers. When you go to any order page, you'll see a black envelope next to the creator's name. If you have Outlook installed and set up on your computer, clicking that envelope generates an email to that person. Additionally, it titles that email with the order number, and inserts a link directly to the order's page. Use this to send the creator any questions or comments you may have, with all the information they'll need.

3) Receive Directly Into...

When receiving an order, you receive line by line. When you click the Receive button at the end of a line, a window pops up, like the one shown above. About halfway down in that window, you'll find a Receive Directly Into option. If you leave this blank, the line is added into your inventory. If you type in an aircraft serial number, once you receive the order, the line is instantly checked out to that aircraft, saving you a few steps.